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An integrated architectural system configured to be simple to use, XYZ is a landmark of modern design, intelligent features and sophisticated specification.


  • Managed entrance hub with lobby, business and restaurant spaces
  • Ultimately flexible workspace building
  • Excellent natural daylight
  • 4m high slab to ceiling height
  • 20,000 sq ft floorplates
  • Optional shell – Cat A or bespoke specification
  • Population density – base at 1:6m²
  • Sub-divisble floors for liquidity
  • High level of resilience and dual services
  • Raised floors – 450mm
  • Floor based supplemental air for bespoke occupation arrangements
  • Excellent BREEAM rating – sustainable low energy design
  • Transparent occupier pricing
  • High quality services and dedicated building management team
  • Excellent public transport links
  • Amenity, communal and plug-and-play spaces
  • Minimal obsolescence