A Digital Detox for Manchester Millenials with Global Guru

Information overload has become part of modern day life, but it isn’t always possible to digitally power down and zone out.   XYZ Events, which is exploring the ever-growing need for workplace wellness, has partnered with Karuna, a global speaker and founder of Hub for the Heart and will be offering a FREE to attend event at Home Manchester on the 18th November from 8.30am – 11am (a time in the day when stress tends to peak).

Just a few decades ago, hardly any of us had access to the technology we do today, but now on average we spend up to 12 hours a day transfixed by digital devices and technology.  75% of us are using mobile phones, and over a billion humans are just a few clicks from being friends on Facebook. At the push of a button or swipe of a screen, we communicate, share and create with nearly anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Karuna believes that the solution lives in ‘powering up’ – or learning to bring balance to your life by tuning into your mind’s potential. She will be helping guests uncover a greater work/life balance and will feature a guided practice of kindfulness and meditation followed by a presentation and discussion about how to best integrate daily responsibility and achieve a balanced life.

Chris Reay, Spinningfields Estates Director said: “The XYZ building is five years in the making and it marks the start of a new phase of Spinningfield’s evolution – bringing with it a prestigious development compromising of a permanent XYZ events space, bars, restaurants and the very latest in innovative workspaces including the co-working XYZ Work and Fintech hub. It is our aim that we create a vibrant and stimulating working eco-system which will bring together a diverse business, creative and professional community all together under one roof and workplace wellness and happiness is central to the XYZ building and ethos”.

Karuna, who has taught workshops in Canada, Hawaii, Trinidad and across Europe, will guide people to manage the mind and harness its power.  The event will explore different ways on how to connect with the inner self through the following: the physical practice of mindfulness, emotional stability meditation and a detox from a digital routine.

Talking about her forthcoming workshop, Karuna said: We want healthier, happier, productive and profitable workspaces and corporate mindfulness can play a pivotal role in achieving this. Mindfulness trainings are inclusive, appropriate for and most effective when they embrace all levels of staff from CEO to cleaner. It can lead to more engaged team members, who are present and focused and less down time due to illness, as the practice has been proven to boost the immune system. I am looking forward to working with XYZ events and bringing my practice to Manchester”.

Mindfulness is the alignment with a deeper understanding; the ability to respond rather than react; and a recognition that each action effects the present moment and a future unfolding. Practice of mindfulness can lead to a better brain and ultimately a better business.

  • 61% people admit to being addicted to the internet and their devices
  • 95% of people use some type of electronics in the hour leading up to bed.
  • Artificial light from screens increase alertness and suppress the hormone melatonin by up to 22%– negatively affecting sleep, performance and mood.
  • 50% of people prefer to communicate digitally than in person
  • 67% of mobile owners find themselves checking their device even when it’s not ringing or vibrating
  • Mindfulness is arguably rooted in ancient meditation principles and helps particularly those who suffer from chronic pain and anxiety.
  • 84% of students across the globe have agreed that mindfulness is a fantastic way of improving education through focus and decision making. (Pinterest graph).
  • Mindfulness training may affect an individual’s ability to harbour successful social relationships.”
  • The definition of mindfulness is “a perspective on physiological science study described as the ‘non-judgemental awareness of experiences in the present moment.’” (The Huffington Post)
  • Mindfulness has been noted to lower stress levels, “lets us get to know our true selves”, can arguably make your grades better, it changes the brain in a “protective” way. (The Huffington Post).

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Breakfast will be included.